Your First Choice for Flagstone Installations in
Edwards, Glenwood Springs & Aspen, CO

Improve your outdoor space with a flagstone patio installation service

Want to improve your backyard with a flagstone patio or walkway? Red Mountain Masonry can take care of flagstone patio installation services for you. We'll elevate the look of your yard with our new flagstone installations.

We can:

  • Excavate the site
  • Lay flagstones on top of smooth sand
  • Add grout to lock in the stones

We can also build mud-set patios using a concrete footing and a mortar bed so that the stones don't shift.

Arrange for a flagstone patio installation service in Edwards, Glenwood Springs or Aspen, CO today.

See the difference flagstone makes in your yard

Many property owners love using flagstone for its premium appearance and reliable durability. Your local flagstone walkway installer will go over what you want to make sure we get everything just right. You won't have to worry about your walkway shifting or cracking over time.